Wetting Her Leggings And Panties

Claudia is desperate to pee she has been holding on but her bladder is near bursting she is trying to get ready but as she bends over she starts to pee her black leggings get the damp sheen and she keeps on peeing soaking her feet too. When she has finished pissing her leggings she pulls them down and we get to see her panties too. A great leggings piss with Claudia.

See Claudia Pissing Her Leggings Here

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Wetting In Her Shorts

HD Wetting brings us this great shorts wetting. Alisha is outside. She is wearing white shorts and has to pee. For a while she does a cute pee dance, trying not to pee in her clothes, but it is futile. Soon trickles of pee are running down her legs as she soaks her shorts. she ends up with piss dripping shorts and pissy wet feet.

See Alisha Pissing In Shorts Here

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Desperation And Wetting In Her Leotards

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Sinn from the best female desperation website Ineed2pee is in her leotards and desperate to pee she has been holding on and now she needs to go she gets to the bathroom but she is just to desperate to pee. She can’t hold on ands starts to pee in her leotards over the toilet het piss patch grows and she even has piss running down her legs this is one wonderful wetting from Ineed2pee

See The Leotards Piss Here

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Wetting In Her Green Pants

Real Wetting brings us Dominika. She is sitting on the floor in her pants and giving herself a pedicure. She is desperate to pee and instead of running to the toilet she sits there and starts to piss in her pants. The pee pools around her bottom making a lovely warm pee patch. She is soaking wet and when she finishes peeing in her pants she keeps doing her nails this is a wonderful pants peeing from Real Wetting

See Dominika Peeing In Her Pants Here

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HD Wetting Holding Competition

Another Holding contest from HD Wetting in the latest female desperation and wetting movie With Alisha and Sosha. “Sosha and Alisha have another holding contest to see who can hold it the longest. This time $100 is on the line. Alisha and Sosha have had holding contests previously. Alisha is usually the one who loses, wetting her pants. Will this time be any different? Besides risking humiliation, $100 also goes to the winner. Both girls end up peeing their pants in this video, but who holds it the longest?”

See The Desperation photos here

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Alice Wetting Her Shorts

Alice from Real Wetting is desperate to pee she comes out of her caravan and her bladder is bulging she has no time to find a bathroom and as she is standing outdoors she starts to pee. Her pee flows into her shorts and runs down her legs this is a wonderful shorts wetting. She finishes peeing in her shorts and then pulls them down as they drip to show her piss soaked panties too. Super sexy from Real Wetting

See The Movie Here

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Jeans Peeing From Wetting Her Panties

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Wetting Her Panties brings us this great jeans peeing with charlotte. She is outside in tight jeans and we can see that she is desperate to pee she has her hand jammed into her crotch holding on desperately she just can’t hold on any longer and starts to pee in her jeans her pee is soaking into the denim and running down her legs this is a wonderful jeans wetting the sight of her denim soaked legs is so sexy and then she pulls her piss soaked jeans down and we get to see her wonderful wet panties.

See Charlotte pissing in jeans here

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Star Nine Peeing In Her Jeans Outdoors

Star is outdoors and has been pulled over for a DUI stop she is desperate to pee and just can’t hold on as we are watching she starts to pee in her jeans her piss runs down her legs soaking into the denim making it shiny. It is so embarrassing for her there she is peeing in her jeans in public.

See Star Peeing In Her Jeans Here

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Kim Peeing In Her Shorts

Ineed2pee brings us the lovely Kimberley Marvel. She is in shorts and desperate to pee. You can see the waist band is pressing into her bladder she can’t hold on and starts to pee. Her shorts go dark and she has rivers of pee running down her legs. She has fully soaked herself. She finishes peeing and pulls down her piss soaked shorts to show us her peed in panties that are nearly see-through . This is one hot female desperation wetting.

See Kimberly Peeing In Her shorts Here

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Pissing In Spandex Leggings

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Natalie Storm is in charge of the BBQ. Her friends have left her and she is desperate to pee, she can’t leave otherwise everything will burn. She hold on, she crosses and uncrosses her legs she is getting more and more desperate. She starts the pee pee dance but she is to desperate she can’t hold on and she starts to pee in her leggings. Her piss runs down her legs and soaks into her shoes. This is a great wetting, her spandex pants are just soaked in pee and her piss has made a wonderful stain around her crotch. In this wetting you can even make out her panty line under the spandex pants.

See Natalie Peeing In Her Spandex Pants Here

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