Desperation Pee And Wetting

Posted on September 26th, 2007 in pee desperation,Real Wetting,Wet Panties,wetting by admin


Watching ladies wet themselves is always great. I do like the desperation before the wetting. The pee pee dance and then the pee dribbling out of the vagina and into the panties is a wonderful sight. Audrey from Real Wetting or as she calls her site Audrey’s Wetting Site is one hot wetting model. As she says on her site that it features movies, videos and pictures of girls, women wetting jeans, desperation wetting, girls, teens having public or indoors accidents peeing their pants, peeing their panties, wetting themselves, pissing jeans, humiliation and much more. She seems to be a 18 year old and she loves wetting. Her latest addition to her site is called Audrey wetting on the phone desperation. She is on the phone put on hold and so desperate that she ends up pissing her panties, skirt and chair.

The photos are great and you can see the video at her website

Desperate To Pee

Wetting Her Panties

See Audrey’s Pee Flow Freely

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