Ineed2pee Female Desperation And Wetting

We have the lovely Kadie desperate to pee here is what ineed2pee wrote about the scene”
It’s the sexy blonde Kadie and you are interviewing her for a event planning position for your shopping mall. Of course even as she comes in & shakes your hands you can see she is visibly desperate but trying her best to hide it and put on a smile. You start asking questions & she’s having a hard time concentrating on it, crossing her legs and doing the pee pee dance underneath the table. You start asking questions slower, secretly enjoying the desperation immensely. After the interview is only 1/2 over, she asks to be excused, I guess, because the bladder pressure was too great, but Kadie doesn’t get 2 steps away from the desk before she stops dead in her tracks and looks down in horror as her pee is quickly spreading from her crotch all the way down her pants! How utterly embarrassing to be wetting herself helplessly in front of the interviewer!!!”

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