Wetting In Her Velour Pants

Posted on December 22nd, 2008 in Female Desperation,Ineed2pee,Pants Peeing,pee desperation,wetting by admin

wetting her pants

Wetting is just so sexy I love it when we see pee slowly flowing though pants and panties and here wetting in velour pants and what is great is that she is so desperate to pee that her bladder is just bulging. She is having so much trouble in holding her pee in that when she does start to wet her pants they get soaked so quickly velour when pissed is just like a towel and it just soaks up the lovely warm pee so if you touched he wet bum there will be the lovely feel of heavy fabric and the hot pee will run down the hand. She doesn’t look to happy about being so desperate that she has wet her pants but I am as I could look at her wet pissed in pants and cute bum that is soaked in her hot piss

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