Moana Lott and Gummi From Ineed2pee

What happens when you mix two giggly girls with too much booze at a large confusing hotel (oh and don’t forget the free snacks too!)? Two very wet pairs of panties and pissy soaked pants! Moana was already bursting even before we started the camera rolling, so her frantic dances and tightly crossed legs coupled with her pained expressions were very real. In fact I thought she was going to kill me if I didn’t get that tape in the cam fast enough, lol. After a desperate search for their hotel room ,they finally find it but Moana’s bladder really can’t hold it any longer and pee starts spurting from under her skort (shorts / skirt) and running down her bare legs onto the carpeting. Gummi, watching her friend piss herself can’t contain herself any longer, esp. when Moana comes in to tickle her for laughing at her wet predicament!! It’s a sweet back shot of her pee streaming through the thin fabric and cascading down, soaking her completely.

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Alice Wetting Her Tights

From real wetting we have Alice in her tights desperate to pee. She is on a chair and really needs to pee as we know Alice really loves wetting and this is going to be no different her tights are nearly see through and when she starts to pee in them they will get even better it doesn’t even look like she is wearing any underwear. She holds on a lithe longer and then starts to pee in her tights. Look at her wet patch as it grows this is one great real wetting movie and Alice has such a sexy piss soaked ass. Her pee keeps coming and she is getting soaked. You can hear her pee splashing on the ground what a wonderful real wetting movie this is.

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