Lesbian Panty Peeing Cheerleaders

HD Wetting brings us these hot lesbian cheerleaders and a great story to go with it. “What could possibly be sexier than a lesbian golden shower scene? How about a lesbian golden shower scene featuring two super hot cheerleaders? In this video Alisha and Sosha are having fun together in bed in their cheer leading uniforms. Alisha needs to pee, but Sosha doesn’t want her to go. Unable to hold it much longer, Alisha gives Sosha a golden shower. She doesn’t bother to remove her panties first. Instead we get to watch an amazing close up view as Alisha pees through her underwear, soaking both Sosha and her panties in the process. Both girls are now soaked, so they help each other undress. Now naked together, and with no one needing to pee, they are free to continue their sexy fun” Super hot and sexy from HD Wetting

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Wetting The Bed

Dee is in bed sleeping she has some sexy shiny panties that are tight against her pussy. She is dreaming about going to the bathroom and she opens her legs wide and we can see that she has a camel toe. She is lying there dreaming away and then she starts to pee her pee starts to flow into her panties it dribbles down her butt crack and soaks into the mattress she is peeing in the bed her pee puddle grows till she is lying in a warm puddle and great bed wetting from Real Wetting.

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Bed Wetting From Ineed2pee

Posted on January 16th, 2011 in Bed Wetting,Ineed2pee,Knicker wetting,Panty Wetting,Wet Panties,wetting by admin

I do love bed wetting but it isn’t that common to see the movies. From ineed2pee we have this bed wetting and panty peeing movie Lilyanna is in bed asleep and her friend Bella has decided to play a prank on her, she has put Lilyanna’s hand in the water trying to get her to wet the bed. Lilyanna is in her panties with her legs open and we get a great shot of her panty covered crotch. After waiting a while we get to see Lilyanna peeing in the bed. She soaked her panties and the mattress but unfortunately we don’t get to see her lying in her puddle of piss as wetting her panties while asleep woke her up and she has to run to the toilet to finish peeing, she gets to the toilet keeps her wet panties on and pees in her knickers over the toilet. Not only do we have a great bed wetting we also get a wonderful knicker wetting too. Another great ineed2pee movie

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Bedwetting Movie With Alice From Real Wetting

From real wetting comes this bed wetting movie. Alice is asleep in her bed and looks a bit desperate to pee. You have to wonder if she is dreaming of a toilet. She has her legs tight together and then her hand goes into her crotch she really must need to pee I bet she is just to lazy to get up and thinks if she goes back to sleep the desperate feeling will go away and then its to late she is peeing in her bed . What a mess Real Wetting Alice is making her bed has a big piss puddle in it. She stands up and is still peeing in her tights she really must be tired as she finishes wetting the bed and then lies back done in it she really is one sexy bed wetting and look how soaked her tights. Real wetting is one great wetting site

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Ineed2pee Bedwetting Movie

Posted on May 8th, 2010 in Bed Wetting,Ineed2pee,Leggings Pee,Pants Peeing,wetting by admin

This ineed2pee bed wetting movie has the great team of Marla & Sheila. From ineed2pee “This time there’s a nice soaking bedwetting scene. Sheila plays the old hand in water trick on a passed out Marla and when her floodgates open, it shows up perfectly on the light leggings she is wearing and her yellow pee stains the white bedsheets all over!! Seriously, Marla is a small girl… I don’t know where she stores it all but she has quite desperate by the time she filmed this one.” The bed wetting is great as stated at ineed2pee Marla floods her bed and her tights her tights are soaked in her pee and the pee parch is so lovely and dark. This is a must watch ineed2pee bedwetting movie. Watch as Marla wets the bed this is only half of the wonderful ineed2pee movie Shelia ends up being locked out of the bathroom and boy is she desperate. You can see the full movie at ineed2pee Here

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Ivy Wetting In The Bed

Posted on September 15th, 2009 in Bed Wetting,Ineed2pee,Pants Peeing,wetting by admin

There is something sexy about wetting the bed and here we have a great bedwetting movie from ineed2pee with Ivy. Ivy is sleeping away and looking like she needs to pee she has her hand in her crotch but she is not getting up to use the bathroom then she losers control of her bladder and she pees in her sleepwear and into the bed it is a great trickle of pee as it runs out and when she wakes up wow what a big mess she has made. Written at ineed2pee about this bedwetting movie with ivy is this “Ivy was so tired after getting home she just had to take a nap. She neglected to use the bathroom first, a mistake after drinking water all day long. Without warning, she awoke to the warmth of her sopping wet panties. She can’t believe it! She quickly rushes to the bathroom to strip off her pissy pants and wash it before her boyfriend comes home and smells it; she’d just die of embarrassment!”

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Wetting Her Bed From Wettingherpanties

Bed wetting is so sexy to see a hot lady lying in her own warm puddle of pee is just great and these bed wetting photos from wetting her panties are just lovely. We get the full bed wetting experience, she starts off asleep but she half awakes with the need 2 pee feeling. She tries to hold on and go back to sleep and she manages but her bursting bladder ins not asleep and it lets go into her panties and bed her panties look so sexy with the big pee patch and she is lying in her warm pee patch such a sexy bedwetting set of pictures from wetting her panties

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Bed Wetting Movie From ineed2pee

tia wetting the bed

This is a hot little bed wetting movie from ineed2pee. Look at the lovely Tia as she is sleeping she must have been desperate to pee as she slowly releases her bladder and pee flows into her sheets. The poor thing she wake up to find her bed shorts and panties are all soggy with piss

Tia In Her Soggy Piss Soaked Shorts

The ineed2pee site owner has written this about the movie Poor Tia she is sleeping but her friends decide to play a prank on her, they put her hand in a bowl with cold water hoping she will wet herself. After a few minutes she pees all over the bed! She wakes up all embarrassed, she can’t believe the mess; her shorts and panties are soaked and so is the bed. She runs quickly to the bathroom to wash her shorts before someone can see her.

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Wet Pranks with Candi & Alice!

Posted on August 7th, 2008 in Bed Wetting,Ineed2pee,Pants Peeing,pee desperation by admin

Hand in water

What a surprise when we came back to the hotel room to find Alice passed out on the couch! Candi had a great idea to put her hand in a bowl of warm water to see if Alice would wet her pants.

Wetting Her Pants

We stare intently at her crotch area; Alice is wearing thin linen pants with visible panty line. All of a sudden we see a wet streak appear at her crotch & thigh dampening the light material! Alice wakes up at our giggling and is horrified when she realises what is happening to her, that she pissed her pants!

Wet Pants

She lunges at Candi and knocks her to the ground, tickling her mercilessly as she laughs and squeals. She even grabs her foot and start tickling her soles which produces a wet spot right on her crotch area! There’s even some that trickled down her bum!

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Wetting The Bed

Posted on October 6th, 2007 in Bed Wetting,Ineed2pee,Pants Peeing,wetting by admin

Wetting the bed is something you don’t see that often in adults. Here we have Sheila who has been asleep wetting the bed, her panties and the pants she went to bed in. The puddle of pee in the bed must be big as she has really soaked her panties. The look of shock is lovely when watching the bedwetting movie. Bedwetting is so nice to see and Ineed2pee has a couple of sets. I am hoping that they will be getting more soon. Maybe they will have one where the poor bed wetter wakes with big warm puddle of pee around here

Wetting The Bed

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