Dee Female Desperation And Peeing In Her Jeans

Here we have the lovely Dee from real wetting she is locked out of her car and waiting for her boyfriend, there is only one problem though she is desperate to pee. Realwetting Dee really  needs her boyfriend to return soon she is just busting to pee and she can’t hold on much longer she is about to get the female desperation shivers. Dee gets more and more desperate to pee until she is standing with her legs crossed and hand pressed into her pants trying to stop her bladder from exploding. Poor Dee she just couldn’t hold on and she starts to dribble her pee into her pants. The dribble of pee turns into a stream and her jeans are getting soaked you can see them glisten as the pee is running down her leg. Pissing her jeans in public poor Dee and how embarrassing. Real wetting Dee  finishes peeing and then starts to take her pissed in jeans off she reveals her blue pissed in panties and if you look closely peeing in her panties has also given her a camel toe. These really are great female desperation and wetting pictures and the video at real wetting is even better.

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Katie K Knicker Wetting From Wettingherpanties

Here we have Katie K from Wettingherpanties in her skirt ready to pee in her knickers. She looks so sweet and innocent till she lifts up her skirt and starts to pee in her panties and what a great big pee it is. Her knickers are getting flooded and look at the pee patch grows this is one big panty pee she must have a great big bladder and been desperate to pee. Imagine the sound as her pee splashes on the floor and think how warm her wet panties will be. She really has made a great big mess in these knicker wetting photos

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Wetting In Her White Panties

Wetting in her knickers with Natalia X. I do love a good panty pee and this knicker wetting movie is great. Staring Natalia X from Wettingherpanties she is standing on the table and desperate to pee. She lifts up her skirt and starts panty peeing in her white panties the pee just explodes out and the look of her pussy lips as the wet peed in panties cling to it is just wonderful. Knicker wetting like this is great and when you have pissed in panties going see through well what more could you want with panty pee. The pissed in panties have even made a lovely camel toe. I just love the sound of her pee splashing on the table and floor after it has exploded through her panties. Wettingherpanties do wetting so well and knicker wetting in white panties is just lovely

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Real Wetting Alice Wetting In Her Jeans

Here we have Alice from Real wetting she is in her jeans and lying on the floor. She starts to pee in her jeans while lying down with the feet on the floor. You can see the lovely wet patch in her jeans and her puddle of pee growing around her bum is lovely. She continues to wet her jeans the puddle gets bigger and bigger and soon her foot is in her pee puddle too. Her jeans are so soaked and it seems that she is pressing her hand into her crotch so she can feel the warmth but also to press more pee out she must be loving the warmth in her jeans. When she stops wetting her jeans she has the best wet patch and she really does look so content lying there on the floor soaked in her pee she gets up and opens her legs wide to see the big pee mess she is made ?

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Wetting In Shorts And Jeans

Posted on April 8th, 2010 in Ineed2pee,Pants Peeing,Shorts Pissing,wetting,Wetting Jeans by admin

Arianna & Kenna wetting in their shorts and jeans. These two ineed2pee female desperation and wetting models are just great and here we have some lovely photos of their wetting endeavors. Kenna has peed in her shorts and she really is so sexy a little patch on her very lovely bum but when she turns around you can see she has peed in her shorts and it seems she has wet her shorts enough so that you get a lovely piss camel toe. You then have the lovely Arianna who has wet her jeans and wow what a wetting, her jeans are just soaked everyone will know what she has been up to. I haven’t seen a pair of jeans so soaked in pee for a long time she looks so slim but there is one big bladder there and when she releases look out she will soak anything. The ineed2pee story goes “Arianna & Kenna are in a bathroom lineup & there’s only 1 ladies toilet! An elderly lady is hogging the bathroom as the girls are grabbing their crotches & doing the pee pee dance outside it, resulting in a big wet double mess!”

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Desperation And Jeans Peeing From Ineed2pee

Wetting in her jeans with Sylence. This hot read head looks so sexy when she is wetting in her jeans and this ineed2pee movie is wonderful. Instead of me writing about this jeans wetting movie I will just add what ineed2pee have to say about it “The slim cutie Sylence is back on ineed2pee and she almost wet herself just walking down the hallway back to her place. As soon as she gets in, the phone is ringing off the hook… and it’s her mom with a family emergency!! Well, being the good daughter she is, she doesn’t want to hang up the phone while her mom is freaking out and crying so she tries to console her best she can. All this while pressing her legs close together & grabbing her crotch so no pee will leak out; I be she wishes she has a cell phone right about now! It’s apparent when she loses the bladder battle as she whimpers in desperation and all of a sudden her crotch is SOAKING WET! It starts streaming down her legs and all the way down her butt too. After she hangs up, she has to peel her pissy jeans off and inspect the damage as well as some nice close-ups of her wet cotton panties.”

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