Lesbian Panty Peeing Cheerleaders

HD Wetting brings us these hot lesbian cheerleaders and a great story to go with it. “What could possibly be sexier than a lesbian golden shower scene? How about a lesbian golden shower scene featuring two super hot cheerleaders? In this video Alisha and Sosha are having fun together in bed in their cheer leading uniforms. Alisha needs to pee, but Sosha doesn’t want her to go. Unable to hold it much longer, Alisha gives Sosha a golden shower. She doesn’t bother to remove her panties first. Instead we get to watch an amazing close up view as Alisha pees through her underwear, soaking both Sosha and her panties in the process. Both girls are now soaked, so they help each other undress. Now naked together, and with no one needing to pee, they are free to continue their sexy fun” Super hot and sexy from HD Wetting

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Alisha Peeing In Her Jeans

From HD Wetting we have Alisha she is standing in her jeans and talking directly at the camera as she stands there she starts to pee. Her jeans go dark and her pee stain grows as her [pee runs down her legs this is a wonderful jeans wetting and Alisha is such a sexy peeing lady.

See Alisha Peeing In Her Jeans Here

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Jeans Pee Outdoors

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From HD Wetting Alisha is in her tight jeans she is posing for the camera and it looks like she has no bra on too. She holds on as long as she can and then she starts to pee in her jeans. As she starts to pee the denim starts to go dark and the more she is peeing the darker the denim goes. She is really soaking her jeans and her pee is running down her legs and soaking her feet a lovely jeans wetting from HD Wetting.

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Peeing In Her Jeans In The Bath

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Sosha is desperate to pee but Alisha is on the toilet and is not going to movie. Sosha has no choice to get in the bath and pee. Alisha starts to take photos of her as she is pulling down her jeans so she stands in her jeans ant pees in them her pee explodes through the denim and runs down her legs a very lovely jeans peeing.

Watch Sosha Peeing In Jeans Here

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