Female Wetting In Jeans

Posted on October 3rd, 2007 in Female Desperation,Ineed2pee,pee desperation,wetting,Wetting Jeans by admin

Pissing In Jeans

In a park swing it looks like she has become a little to desperate to pee and has decided to wet her light blue jeans. The sight of piss running from jeans is great. It could be that peeing in clothes makes her very hot and wet from the riskiness of peeing in clothes in public it would be interesting to see if she does this on purpose all the time. She may be peeing in her jeans as she suffering from female desperation. In this case i guess the piss just leaked out to give her a big damp patch in her crotch. Either the thrill of public wetting or being desperate to pee it is a lovely photo

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