Jeans and panty wetting From Ineed2pee

From ineed2pee come these great female desperation, jeans and panty peeing pictures staring Selena. Written at ineed2pee about the scene we have  “Selena’s doing her makeup test since she missed her finals a couple days ago. Unfortunately she’s the only one who’s missed it so she’s there by herself. Of course she should’ve used the restrooms before she sat down, but that wouldn’t make for a very good scene now would it?? The whole time she is struggling with her full bladder and tight jeans, even unbuttoning the top belt to make to give her bladder some breathing space. The teacher is being mean & not letting her leave the room before the test is over, since students have been caught cheating like that. She is practically begging him for permission after awhile when finally she feels it leaking out into her panties & stands up suddenly! OMG there’s a dark wet patch on her crotch & it spreads down fast!! The light colored jeans make the wet streaks stand out so well… Selena is so embarrassed that she wasn’t allowed to use the bathroom so she storms off in anger. At the end of the clip there is a behind the scenes clip with her saying “hello” to the fans and peeling off the pissy jeans to show her wet panties.” One great set of pictures and the ineed2pee movie is even better

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