Chuffy Wetting Her Shorts At Needapee

Posted on August 25th, 2008 in Needapee,Shorts Pissing,wetting by admin

Chuffy Wetting Her shorts

Seems Chuffy is wetting her denim shorts at Needapee again, she really did make a big wet piss mess in her denim shorts last time she appeared at Needapee. This time it’s just photos which is a shame as I love seeing the pee flowing through the denim and hearing it splash on the ground don’t get me wrong wetting photos are still great and I am happy to see chuffy peeing in her shorts in any situation.

peeing in denimn shorts

Rebekah Dee from Needapee has written about Chuffy’s denim short wetting appearance and this is what the lovely Needapee Rebekah Dee wrote. I am happy to bring you the return of Chuffy! Chuffy was a firm favourite last summer with her cheeky sense of humour and her cute little body so I was ‘chuffed’ to bits that she agreed to do more photos for us at Needapee. We decided to check out the local sports ground on a day when we knew there wouldn’t be too much going on. She brought along her favourite little denim shorts and just slipped them to the side whilst she peed on a set of steps leading up to the ground. Of course in shorts that tight there was only one thing that was going to happen….yes she made a wet patch on her crotch and in denim it showed up a treat!

Wet Pissed In Shorts

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