Alice Desperate and Wetting From Real Wetting

Posted on September 10th, 2008 in Uncategorized by admin

Here we have Alice from real wetting site or as it is also called Audrey’s wetting site Alice is such a lovely girl and when she is desperate to pee her face looks so lovely look at her trying to hold her pee in and stop herself from wetting her tights.
Real wetting alice desperate to pee

I have to say I love it how to stop peeing she is jamming her hand into her crotch in one desperate attempt to stop the hot pee soaking here tights and panties

holding her piss in

But now her desperation gets to much and the pee starts to flow through here tights. I feel Alice loves wetting. These pictures are from one of the many videos that real wetting has of the lovely Alice desperate and wetting in her tights

Pissing In Her Tights


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